URBAN CRAFTED 'Flax Break' Table

URBAN CRAFTED 'Flax Break' Table


JUST COMPLETED!!  This URBAN CRAFTED table was four months in the making!  A dear friend in the antique business came by the store one day after a trip up to the Adirondacks... with the most pristine, c. 1850 Flax break he wanted to share with us!  (Thank You Wilson!) Old growth white oak, all square peg joinery and just as rock-solid as the day it was built! A GORGEOUS piece of history and craftsmanship! Now... to find exactly the right wood for the top and a way to still show the structural detail of the flax break.... and here she is!!! We Found the perfect Spalted Maple, live edge slab and turned the movement of the living edge to the inside, leaving some room for custom cut 1/2" tempered glass. Nothing GREAT comes together without our 'Bestie', Paul Ebert!  A true artisan who helps make our (URBAN CRAFTED) design dreams come true!

Organic and fluid, yet still showing off its' strength.  A statement as a dining table or desk!

6' long, 2" thick top, 36"wide, 30" high

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