LOOK what a COMMUNITY can DO! - Part 1

After 19 students from local high schools sent in their TINY designs,  the owner, Lisa DeCarlo and the Urban team came together to choose one student's design which would be used for the 'TINY by Design' project, in addition to receiving a $1,000 Urban Design scholarship. The decision was not an easy one to make....but the lucky winner was Joseph Mochol from Holland High School! Congrats Joseph! 

As soon as Joseph's design was selected, the community hit the ground running with the construction of the tiny house...HUGE thanks to Jake Varecka and Jay Metzger for helping teach the Holland High School students how to properly frame! Before we knew it, we had the walls of our TINY house up!

In addition to the high school students, the children from the Boys & Girls Club of East Aurora have begun working on decorating different pieces throughout the tiny house....STAY TUNED for another post on the progress of our TINY by Design project! 


Lisa DeCarlo