Urban goes 'TINY'!

For the past year, the Urban team has been tossing around the idea of a tiny house...now, our TINY by Design project is actually happening! Lisa DeCarlo, the Owner and Project Designer of Urban Design has decided to expand her team to include The Boys & Girls Club of East Aurora, local high schools and craftsman for this project and we could not be more excited!  

Over the next couple of months our TINY house will be transformed from a trailer into an actual home! The kids from The Boys & Girls Club will be helping decorate tiles, mugs, plates and cups, while the students from Holland High School will be taught by Jay Metzger and Jake Varecka how to frame for the tiny house. And a HUGE thank you to 84 Lumber CompanyKaz Companies and Buffalo Energy for their generous donations for materials to help get us going! We are beyond excited to begin the TINY by Design project to benefit The Boys & Girls Club of East Aurora and Camp Ska-No-Ka-San!

For information on how YOU can help, call the store at 716-714-5861!

"Small space, big hearts."

Lisa DeCarlo