Tiny by Design at Borderland Festival

What an amazing opportunity we had this past weekend at Knox Farms here in East Aurora! We were able to park both of our Tiny Houses for everyone to enjoy while at the Festival! Our first Tiny house (Tiny 1), which is our community project has been ‘under construction’ for the past several months while the kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Holland and East Aurora, as well as Holland High School work on different building parts of the house - such as framing, decorating shower tiles and kitchenware!

Tiny 1 was parked in the kids area at the festival, for all the children and parents to hang out in and around, while the Tailgater (Tiny 2) was parked by the rest of the food trucks!

We couldn’t believe the turn out while we were streaming the Bills game at the Festival…more & more people continued to hang around our Tailgater!

Thank you to everyone who came to hang out with us at the Festival, and thank you to Borderland for having Urban there!

If you are interested in building your own Tiny house, Tailgater or renting out our Tailgater, call or email us! 716-714-5861

Lisa DeCarlo