Urban goes 'TINY'!

With the help of the children from the Boys & Girls Club of East Aurora, the local high schools, craftsman, and Urban Team, we have begun the TINY HOUSE project!

From the birth of the tiny house idea, it was clear that it would be a community project. The owner, Lisa DeCarlo asked local high school students to submit their design ideas for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship! After the design was chosen, the construction began....

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Lisa DeCarlo
Taking a moment...

As we near completion on another URBAN CRAFTED dining table to place in our store, I am reminded of how humbling it is to work with and include pieces of our past.  In this case, old cast iron baluster pieces from a balcony in New Orleans.  Artistry and craftsmanship from a time long past being included in our project today gives me a grounded perspective and appreciation for the legacy that remains of passionate works of labor and love.  

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