Urban Design Services 



The Urban Design Store was founded building all of our own artisan crafted furniture, lighting and decor pieces.  While we have grown a great deal over the last ten years, THIS is still our favorite thing to do and where our mantra, "Every day living... is ART" comes from.  We believe function and art should coexist in a way that allows us to communicate our sense of self in a tangible way.  We also believe in using (or REusing) sustainable and reclaimed materials in a way that allows us to appreciate craftsmanship of the past and present, organic and industrial....



WAIT! ...did we JUST say building Custom Crafted pieces was our favorite thing to do? Perhaps its more of a tie! We absolutely love planning 'space' and how it can work most efficiently for how you live.  We are able to help you on what ever level you need ~ from simply getting you started in the right direction, to schematic planning and project management. Take a stroll through our Design Gallery to see our recent work!

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works"  Steve Jobs




We have had the privilege of working and collaborating with some of WNY's best craftsman and fabricators on truly special projects.  It is our priority to create commercial spaces in a way that visually connects the business/brand with how you want visitors to 'feel'.